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How to Live Alone After Divorce

            The divorce process can be long and tiring.  Many clients who have reached the end wonder, “What’s next?”  Living alone (part of the week) can be a challenge, post-divorce, and as you adjust.

Woman alone.

            It’s normal to have mixed feelings.  It can be a relief to no longer live with your ex, but  it can also be a difficult transition.  It’s normal to have mixed feelings – even if (especially if) you initiated the end of the marriage.  The divorce process sweeps you up, and you are keeping your eye on the goal, as you negotiate, and push through.  When it is over, it can leave a void.

  • Enjoy being by yourself. Living alone is a chance to get to know yourself better. Reflect on the current time by journaling post-divorce.
  • Explore other interests.  After divorce, you can revisit something you loved in high school or college that has fallen by the wayside?  Singing, playing an instrument, soccer, softball, social activism?  Maybe it’s gardening, going for a bike ride, or finally starting that sewing or carpentry project you’ve been meaning to do for years. For some more inspiration for solo activities click here or here. It’s good to remember that you don’t need anyone else to have fun!
  • When you live alone and you’re feeling lonely, or if you had a bad day at work, don’t be afraid to reach out to a friend or family member.
    • When you get married it’s easy for friends to slip through the cracks, and you find you have less time for catching up with people or making phone calls. Start a routine of calling your friends.
    • Return the phone call mom has been nagging you for.
    • Go out to drinks once a week with your college buddies. It’s important to remember that you have people who love and support you.

            As you adjust to divorce, it can be hard to be alone with one’s thoughts, but if you take this opportunity to do some self-exploration, you may find it a rewarding experience.