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Financial Challenges in Divorce & other Major Life Transitions with Stephanie Genkin

Rachel chats with Stephanie Genkin, CFP, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst & Certified Financial Therapist. She works with clients in the divorce process helping them divide assets and understand how their expenses and future plans may need an adjustment as a result of the dissolution of the marriage.

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How to Live Alone After Divorce

            The divorce process can be long and tiring.  Many clients who have reached the end wonder, “What’s next?”  Living alone (part of the week) can be a challenge, post-divorce, and as you adjust.

Woman alone.

            It’s normal to have mixed feelings.  It can be a relief to no longer live with your ex, but  it can also be a difficult transition.  It’s normal to have mixed feelings – even if (especially if) you initiated the end of the marriage.  The divorce process sweeps you up, and you are keeping your eye on the goal, as you negotiate, and push through.  When it is over, it can leave a void.

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