About Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a resolution-based, cost-effective alternative to litigation.

As your mediator, I can help you move through the issues and find new ground. I will work with you to increase your understanding of each other and your conflict. I won’t take sides or make decisions for you. Only you will decide what is best for your future & your divorce. 

We offer a full divorce process, from separation agreements to court papers. Mediation sessions take place virtually or in our Park Slope office.

Conflict is painful. Most people have a drive to resolve it.

When people understand the sources of conflict, there is a huge release of creative energy which leads to terrific brainstorming sessions about how to solve the problem and end the conflict.  Once all the issues are on the table, we can begin to delve deeper into different points to gain an increased understanding. When that understanding is there, problem solving begins. As you and your spouse agree, I will begin to draft an Agreement reflecting your discussions of separation or divorce.

I now offer divorce mediation through video conferencing and in-person, to make resolution accessible and flexible.


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For mediation time, (this includes time on telephone calls or e-mail communication) we bill at an hourly rate, in 6 minute blocks (1/10th of an hour). We are able to offer a somewhat sliding scale, with different mediators. Please call our Brooklyn office for our pricing.


There are many points which determine how many mediation sessions it will take to resolve your separation and divorce. These include: the length of time you have been married, whether you and your spouse have accumulated a lot of property, whether or not you have children and – most importantly – where you each are emotionally, in the separation process.

Costs will also be affected by how much (or how little) work you and your spouse are able to do yourselves. These are the points which determine how many mediation sessions it will take to resolve your separation and divorce.

I have found that most couples are able to resolve all of their outstanding issues in an average of 2-5 sessions. Divorce mediation sessions usually last 1 ½-2 hours.

After you have made all of the decisions necessary, we can draft a Separation Agreement for you. Drafting the Agreement usually takes between 3 and 8 hours of mediator time, and we bill hourly for that service.

Some couples who come to me for their divorce want to avoid attorneys. But many others decide to take the Agreement to separate attorneys for a 1-2 hour consultation. The Attorney will read the Agreement and make sure you are informed of your legal rights, and fully understand what you have agreed to, before you sign the Agreement. The Attorney fee for this kind of consultation will average between $600 and $1,500.

After I mediate, how do I file my divorce in court?

After the Agreement is signed, if appropriate, we can prepare and file the divorce papers for you in the courts. Call us for an estimate of costs, tailored to your situation.


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