Parenting Mediation

As your mediator, I can help you move through the issues and find new ground for resolution. I won’t take sides with you against your child’s other parent, or vice versa. Instead, I will work with both of you to focus on the best interests and needs of your child, and increase your understanding of the conflict. I will not make decisions for you — only you will decide what is best for your child’s future.  Conflict is painful. Most people have a drive to resolve it. Once all the issues are on the table, we can begin to delve deeper into different points to gain an increased understanding. When that understanding is there, problem solving begins. As you and your co-parent agree, I can draft an Agreement reflecting your discussions.

  • resolve conflict
  • focus on children
  • generate solutions
  • Neutral mediator
  • increases your understanding of the other and their understanding of you.
  • You make decisions
  • You have control of the outcome
  • brainstorm options.
  • work through checklist
  • problem solving
  • legally binding parenting agreement