Navigating change is difficult. When you want to resolve conflict, you need an expert to guide you safely through the process. An experienced divorce mediator located in Brooklyn, Rachel Green can provide neutral ground for negotiation. She will give you the information you need to find the Solution to Resolution. Rachel is trained to improve communication and help you brainstorm to consider all of your options before you make decisions.

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The family restructuring which takes place when a long-term relationship ends in divorce is always stressful. It is my hope to you and your family to achieve as many of these as possible:

  • To help the two of you to sustain a positive relationship after the divorce so that you can continue parenting your children and relating to other extended family members.
  • To help strengthen your life skills about communication, parenting asset management and support issues, and each be better able to manage all of these areas separately after the divorce.
  • To minimize the length of time of the divorce process, so that all members of your family are freed from the ongoing stress of unfinished business.
  • To avoid the deleterious effects of the adversarial legal process, which tends to pit people against each other.
  • The process should help your family to benefit from the economic and tax benefits of collaborative tax planning.
  • The outcome should provide some measure of economic parity after the divorce.
  • The process is cost-effective, and leaves the bulk of your assets in the family.
  • Both of you are, as much as possible, satisfied with the outcome and understand why each gave up some things and received others.

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