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The True Hard Work of Love and Relationships

A deeper way to think about intimate relationships

I just listened to Alain de Botton (philosopher & writer who founded The School of Life)  on the podcast On Being

His work is so deep, thought-provoking, and moving. He turns upside down our commonly understood assumptions about intimate relationships, and gets to the deeper truth of what we are trying to find when we search for love. On the podcast, he also looks into why people might stray when in committed relationships. 

Within his words we can find the door to healthy communication. At any point in our relationship, we can find a key to understanding… that is what mediation is all about. 

Recommended listening for everyone. Listen here. 

And read his article on NY Times titled Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person

One should say, “Well, how are you crazy? I’m crazy like this.” There should be a mutual acceptance that two damaged people are trying to get together because pretty much all of us — there are a few totally healthy people — but pretty much all of us reach dating age with some scars, some wounds.

Alain de Botton

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